The dual use or hybrid use on this here impact driver chuck is certainly a terrific feature many workers will enjoy. We want the readers to know the best so that they can purchase the best and all opinions matter. Dick Mark Find Reply. This desiring need for more power is converting many DIYer’s and professionals to want impact drivers and this need is growing increasingly popular each day. Your toolbox or truck bed toolbox is prime real estate. Bit confused also, Makita don’t make green stuff as far as I know, their normal colour is blue, and the quality and specs of that gear is the same as the limited range of black and white they brought out, they just changed the colour for a while for some anniversary or such like I think. The built in fuel gauge will keep you on track of battery life and how long on the project you have.

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The Hitachi has around in-lbs of torque, the Milwaukee around Ir most of the time I now drill a pilot and use my trusty Bosch iox screwdriver and finish off with the impact if needed. The Makita LXDT06 also comes with a convenient battery fuel gauge keeping you in total control of the power left in your battery.

12v vs 18v Impact drivers

If it will i,pact around the shop use then the 12 volt will be fine. Bust a nut, the V tools are necessary. A – The kit will include a hard case the tool by itself doesn’t have a casetwo batteries, charger and the tool. Q – Does the bare tool come with the battery?

v versus 18v : Buying Advice | Tool Reviews –

Without question, I prefer the M12 tools — they’re smaller, lighter and overall easier to use. Looking for the best brushless impact driver?


It us unlikely you will get much use out of the charger, though, this battery last a long time. The time to drive self tapping sheetmetal screws was different, but not by much.


Not the best impact drill but if your job involves a lot of chemicals and hard drops then you will need an indestructible impact driver and not one meant for the regular home construction kinds of work detail.

I have a couple of 1. However, I don’t know if I’m getting the runt of the lineup this way. You will enjoy having a multiple speed setting with this Milwaukee M18 Fuel impact driver leaving you with an option to change the speed torque for smaller jobs then to readjust the setting to expel more power and force for the tougher jobs.

Adam Spafford is known for his quick wit, easygoing demeanor, and readiness to lend a hand when called upon.

Also, I heard grinders really eat up battery.

The drills good as well but if I’m drilling much bigger than a 16mm spade bit I will again go and get an 18v drill to save time. The greens seem to struggle and produce smoke when the others continued merrily. You can likely work through lunch by the time your drill runs out of juice. We all love them, we all use them and we want to see what you find! 118v two batteries worth of grunt and the thing got quite hot. This model also comes with adjustable 3 speed settings and automatic mode, so you never need to give a small job too much power and you never have to give a tough job too little power.


However, some consumers have mentioned that there has been a i,pact delay in the trigger but nothing major. A – Yes, you can use the M12 fuel with M12 non fuel on each of the drivers but from research and personal 18b you can expect a difference in the imlact the driver will have and also that the charging process may be a lot slower.

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A – The weight of the tool by itself not the weight of the combo kit is When your words mean nothing, I go la la la. Bosch 12v Impact Driver Questions Q – I’ve noticed that the bit moves a little back and forth is my driver damaged? It’s compact and impct … more.

This tool has so much power and convenience on its side you will … more. Whether or not that’s a good enough reason depends on how you use the tool not the volts. I’ve got the 18v brushless DeWalt drill and impact, and I think they’re terrific, but I do wonder if they’re overkill for the majority of what I use them for.

Mar 19 The impact driver is pretty impressive; the drill not so much. It comes with the ability get into tight spaces and help alleviate fatigue during long periods of use. Most of us use it as a supplement for our volt tools when the situation allows us to opt for ergonomics over power.