Speaker sets Products Accessories Learn Support. Are you open for a limited release of what you have done so far, considering the minimal requirements we have for this project? We are looking into this solution: Current offerings just dont cut it and Ive looked at pretty much everything on offer – all clunky and slow, with more time spent on making it look fancy instead of actually working nicely. Connection icon 13 hours ago. Telecart earned the badge Meet and greet.

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Besides the really improved listening experience the dacmagic has balanced outputs which is ammx since we use genelec active speakers with only balanced inputs. Connection icon 13 hours ago. But for some zones and some controls we need to integrate the sonos system with the amx control system that controls pretty much everything else.

If anyone is interested, some screen shots of my App for AMX home automation touchscreen systems. We are looking into this solution: Digital Optical Cable Adapter icon 6 minutes ago.

Here are few of the top requirements: I must add that I sonks done any of the grouping etc, because this is an integration module where usually you would have a matrix switching audio around the property.

A module to control Sonos music systems

Coverart server http must take optional size parameters and resize artwork as specified. Telecart earned the badge Meet and greet. All other product names and services may sonoos trademarks or service marks of their respective owners. All other product names and services may be trademarks or service marks of their respective owners. Another thing we are doing is: Telnet style API is preferred json ok too at a push with a simple packet structure, parse-able in one pass.


I am involved in deploying a job over the next couple of weeks that was specified with the Sonos integration I mentioned above.

Sonos Integration with Pioneer DJ Controller | Sonos Community

Logitech Media Server and Sonos. After that, within a couple of days i could get you a copy that you could use, you would just have to supply me the master serial number Hi Duncan, That sounds very promising!

Plus its not supported by Sonos since they reverse engineered the protocol. Share Tweet Share 1 Share whatsapp. The module as standard covers 20 touch screens and 20 sonos items, wmx can be customised as a ‘special’ if required.

Theres 2 candidates at the top: I am a systems consultant for the home automation industry and there is currently a gap in the market for a decent music library system with focus on operation from a control system integration.

I’m in the middle of a Marine project at the minute, which means I cannot do anything for the next 3 weeks. Search in all forums Search in ‘Troubleshooting’. I know a lot of installers are having there end users flip into a music app, but when clients are paying XXXK for a home automation system this just isnt acceptable.


All other product ams and services may be trademarks or service marks of their respective owners.

TP control AMX integration

We have very rich clients who would happily buy units in multiples if this would work through their control system. Share something, connect with others!

I looked at Sire’s offering but its no better than anything else Ive seen. Be the first to reply! Hope there are some people out there with similar experiences that can make us aware of pittfalls etc.

Rather than mail me here, send your sonow to [email]duncan integratedsystemcontrol.

I’ll have documentation done but not until the end of July, because of the amount of ‘mortgage paying’ work on at the minute. Is your code Netlinx or Duet? So very interested in what you are working on.