Push the paper bail lever back. Now look at the high-speed double-density design in Figure Transporting The Printer Mixing Print Styles Note This command will cancel any user-defined characters you have already created. Loading Continuous-feed Paper The FX tractor units are adjustable to accommodate different widths of paper-from 4 to 10 inches on the FXe and from 4 to 16 inches on the FXe. Column Reservation Numbers Even in single-density graphics mode, one 8-inch line can accommodate columns of graphics; in quadruple-density, almost columns can fit on the same 8-inch line.

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The table below gives you the proper values. Hold the paper guide above the printer.

Spreadsheets A major concern for printing spreadsheets is the width of the printer. For information on optional interfaces available from Epson, see Appendix E, and for further information on the standard interface, see Appendix F.

Epson FX-286e – Impact Printer Manuals

Makes text bolder by printing each dot twice, with the second dot slightly to the right of the first. This command duplicates the function of DIP switch This time press the paper a little more firmly into place. See the table below for details on the available modes. Before you load continuous-feed paper, prepare the printer in the following manner: Installing The Ribbon Using a printer stand with the paper stacked underneath it.


Fcc Compliance Statement While every precaution has been taken in the preparation of this book, Seiko Epson Corporation assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions.

Therefore, if you select any one of these, you cancel all the others. Italic Italic Normal Character Tables Installing An Interface In Epson mode, there is also a general-purpose command for any of the eight-pin graphics modes: Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add.

In Epson mode, these eight, and five more, can also be selected by a software command. For the rpinter design, the grid was divided into two lines, each seven dots high.

Epson Wide Carriage Dot Matrix Printer Fx-286e

First, almost all spreadsheets have the capability of sending commands to a printer. OF This code can be sent from a program by sending the code 15 directly.

Turning On The Printer Turning On the Printer Before plugging in the power cord, see that the power switch near the back of the left side of the printer is turned off; then plug the power cord into a properly grounded eposn. Cancel Italic Printef Page 63 Line contains a1. The standard table is selected when DIP switches to are all UP; the international table is selected by any other setting of these three switches.


The four indicator lights show when the printer is turned on and when it is ready to use. Set Fc Position Do not put the paper in the printer before you turn it on. Page 95 – Hexadecimal: See Chapter 5 for sample graphics programs. You need to do this when you print carbon copies. Fx Printer Features Chapter 4 FX Printer Features You can obtain many different printing effects with the FX printer, from arranging the printout on the orinter to giving extra emphasis to particular words and phrases.

Epson FXe – Impact Printer Manuals

Appendix F Technical Specifications This appendix contains the specifications for the FXe and the FXe, including the built-in parallel interface.

Serial Interface Settings The tab settings must be entered in ascending order. All interface conditions are based on TTL level.

The protocol used by the printer is decided by one or two groups of DIP switches located on the serial interface board;