The official forum for all things Joe Bonamassa, guitars and blues music. They had a table, fancy banner in the back and brochures.. I started building pedals and now I’m building amps. I rewired my SG with RS Guitarworks modern short shaft kit today and the sound difference is amazing! I could see if you had a high gain amp and running the piledriver in the effects loop it would blow people way. Unless you put a ton of reverb into it, it really won’t be that noticeable. My 4 basic tone groups.

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Rhythm was loud and fat.

I know they have mods for that as well but I figure whats the big deal if I’m playing a live gig and no reverb is added. My 4 basic tone groups. Pilexriver you back it off the gain on the pedal the farts go away but you really wish you had more distortion.

I’m done with the pedals. Please login or register. The Thunder Drive Deluxe I finished it very late at night and wouldn’t dare to wake my house up at 1am Pages 1 You must login or register to post a reply.

These are going to be fun!!! To do it all over again I would pass on the Thunderdrive Deluxe, and only get the piledriver. Oh I also tried to install my clapton mid boost DIY Mod Kits Ok I recorded some sounds tonight but doubt I get them online tonight as they are on my computer in my basement where my music room “Studio” piledrivef.


As you can see though its 3am and I’m tired so it will have to wait for the morning. I’ve also found the 6,6,6 on the modded blues jr with presence cranked is a good tone.

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It looks a lot harder then it really was. So far pileriver its a pretty good pedal but you have to have the volume of the amp up quite a bit before you can truly enjoy this guy. I started building pedals and now I’m building amps. If your amp is distorted already it will just compress your sound.

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The Thunderdrive Deluxe however is starting to disappoint me. I’m thinking they are loud because their not well grounded. I could see if you had a high gain amp and running the piledriver in the effects loop it would blow people way. East Lancashire, UK Registered: It was louder then my amp when I was playing around with it, and it hurt my ears they are still ringing. Maybe the hunt and the task is as much fun if not more fun then really playing guitar! The first one was supposed to take 4 hours, and I did it right in about 2 and a half hours.


Local law around here is noise restrictions after Meaning I can rock as loud as I want to with a blues jr.

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And I built a Wah from an Area 51 kit. It makes me feel like I’m not using my EQ but who cares?

I hope that its loud enough. So if your looking to thicken your single coils up the Thunderdrive Deluxe would work well for you. It got really loud! That would help I think. I’m really liking the pedals, but I haven’t tried them together yet because we have a 9 volt batter shortage in our house. I want my amp clean sounding and when I have an overdrive sound piledirver with the Thunderdrive I can put it after my pedal train giving the amp itself a clean boost and not the pedal.